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Bricklayers have built Australia, literally. They laid the bricks, the pre-cut stone and concrete blocks in the mortar of our homes and business. Together they have constructed, extended and repaired buildings, foundations, chimneys and decorative masonry. Today, bricklaying is a safer career option because of protective measures like bricklaying Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS).

Who Does Bricklaying Suit?

The beauty of bricklaying as a career is that it offers tangible achievement. After completing a job or project, you can stand back and claim, ‘I built that’ with pride.

It is a great entry point into the construction industry for a young person who has not pinpointed the exact path they want to follow in the industry. It is a swift launching pad to further development as, within as little as 3 years, an apprentice can advance quickly to the next rung on the career ladder.

Apprentice weekly wages are in the region of AU$500 per week (first year) and scale up with experience.

Is Bricklaying Hazardous?

Bricklaying, according to legislation, can be a high-risk construction activity with risks and hazards like working from heights, dropping bricks, inhaling dust and cement fumes.

As an apprentice bricklayer, you can increase your hazard awareness by requesting a safe work method statement from your employer. If they do not have one, you can direct them to this link.

This pack of documents will show you how to have an enjoyable, injury-free career. Each Bricklaying Safe Work Method Statement will supply you with advice, guidelines and best practices on:

  • Breaking the work activity into logical job steps
  • Brick cleaning
  • Bricklaying Tools, plant and equipment
  • Brick saw
  • Cement mixer
  • Control Measures
  • Deliveries and the like
  • Describing how the control measures are to be implemented, monitored and reviewed
  • Describing the control measures implemented to eliminate or control the risk for the worker’s safety
  • Erecting a hoist
  • Erecting scaffold
  • Exposure to weather conditions
  • Hazard identification
  • Hazardous substances
  • Hierarchy of Control
  • High-Risk Activities
  • Instructions on how to complete this SWMS
  • Job steps
  • Laying bricks and blocks
  • Legislation, Codes Of Practice and References
  • Lists the typical hazards associated with each of these steps
  • Manual handling
  • Permits required
  • Plant and Equipment
  • Power supply
  • PPE required
  • Qualifications, Training & Competencies
  • Risk Matrix Table
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Setting up the work area
  • Site establishment
  • Working at heights

Start your journey to a successful career in the construction industry with an apprenticeship in the historically important art of bricklaying. Make sure it is a long and fruitful career by learning and following the safest work practices available.

Our helpful, comprehensive Bricklaying SWMS pack is AUD $79.95, and it covers every aspect of the bricklaying process. Get in touch with us today!