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COVID-19 MANAGEMENT - Manage personnel safety during the pandemic.

Modernise the way you manage Site Induction, Site Visitors, Contractors & Staff on site.

COVID-19 feature set

Manage employee and guest safety during the pandemic. Use touchless sign in/out, display a government QR code, manage remote working.

contactless sign in

Include a Government QR Code in your Visitor Sign-in/out Flow

Most governments now require that anyone visiting a workplace must scan a government-issued QR code for COVID-19 contact tracing. When a case of COVID-19 is reported, the government uses this data to contact anyone who may have been exposed.

While the government QR code is a separate system to our sign-in system, it can be incorporated into your existing kiosk sign-in flow. This will ensure that visitors can easily comply with both the government requirements and your on-site health and safety policies.

Touchless Sign in/out

Our Touchless Management System has a set of features that enable visitors, contractors, and employees to sign in or out without touching a kiosk

A touchless kiosk has all the same functionality as a sign in/out kiosk, except it becomes touchless by displaying a QR code on the home screen.

Touchless sign in/out uses the guest’s or employee’s smartphone to sign in or out of a location. By scanning the QR code on the kiosk or poster, they can then answer the sign in/out questions on their own device. Employees and contractors can also use the Mobile app for touchless sign in/out.

Induction Training
contactless sign in

Contact Tracing

If an employee informs you that they were diagnosed with COVID-19,  you can quickly determine which team members were on-site in the days prior to their diagnosis as well as which visitors the employee hosted.

You can run your report for specific periods like:

  • Yesterday
  • Today Only
  • Yesterday Only
  • This Week To-Date
  • This Month To-Date
  • Past 7 Days
  • Past 30 Days
  • Custom Date Range


Use zoning to minimize exposure. Physically distance employees and service providers in groups, assigning each group to a ‘zone’. Easily identify who has been in contact with an affected person in their zone and understand which areas of the facility may require further cleaning.

Sign In App
contactless sign in

Pandemic Screening

Screen everyone coming on-site with custom questions to determine anything from ‘Have you experienced flu-like symptoms in the past 14 days?” to “Have you recently returned from overseas?”.

Mobile App

Employees and contractors can sign in and out using our Mobile app. This removes the need to interact with a kiosk. You can even configure auto sign in/out to automate the process.

Our mobile app is an Android and iOS mobile app for employees and contractors. They can sign in or out, see important notices, receive push notifications, and request assistance by sending an SOS.

Sign In App

Remote Working

Working from home, mobile work, remote work, and the flexible workplace is a work arrangement in which employees do not work from a centrally located workspace, such as an office building. This may be all the time, for a limited time, or for a number of days a week.

Manage the safety and security of employees working from home or remotely

Gain visibility of employees on-site, off-site, or working remotely

Set up best practice recurring reminders for employees working from home

Manage crisis event notices and keep your employees updated

Your office is in lockout – set up alerts for employees breaching the lockout

Device Options



An iPad kiosk is the most common set up for sign in/out kiosks.

We suggest using an iPad Air or iPad Pro running on the most recent operating system.

Using an iPad, you can print visitor labels on wireless printers connected through Wi-Fi, and scan QR codes using the built-in iPad camera or barcodes and QR codes using a scanner connected through Bluetooth. There are also many stand options for iPad kiosks.

Install our App to start signing people in or out with your iPad.


A tablet gives you further flexibility on your choices of hardware while keeping a tablet-sized touchscreen kiosk. Our Management Software runs on any Windows 10+ device on a range of browsers.

We suggest using a Windows Surface Pro or Surface 3+.

You can use a range of printers, scan QR codes using the built-in tablet camera, and scan both barcodes and QR codes using any plug and play scanner. You can also use an RFID reader to read access control cards.

There are many stand options for tablet kiosks.



A desktop computer allows your visitors to use your kiosk on a larger screen with a keyboard and mouse. This is a more user-friendly setup for sites with users less familiar with touchscreen technology.

You can use any desktop or laptop running Windows 8 or above, but we recommend using a newer model running Windows 10 to ensure a smooth workflow.

You can use a range of printers, scan QR codes using a web camera, and scan both barcodes and QR codes using any plug-and-play scanner. You can also use an RFID reader to read access control cards.