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Geotechnical Report

The geotechnical report prepared by our highly qualified geotechnical consultants is a tool used to communicate the site conditions, design and construction recommendations to the site design, building design, and construction personnel. Site investigations for building design projects have the purpose of providing specific information on subsurface soil, rock, and water conditions. Interpretation of the site investigation information, by a geotechnical engineer, results in design and construction recommendations that should be presented in a project geotechnical report.

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We can prepare a Geotechnical Report within 7 days.

While the geotechnical report content may vary by project size, geotechnical reports usually contain certain basic essential information, including:

  • Summary of all subsurface exploration data, including subsurface soil profile, exploration logs, laboratory or in situ test results, and ground water information;
  • Interpretation and analysis of the subsurface data;
  • Specific engineering recommendations for design;
  • Discussion of conditions for solution of anticipated problems.

Our teams experience and continual professional development can also provide solutions, cost effective options and design alternatives relating to building design.

We will provide a written quote within 24 hrs.


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