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If you are an astute businessman and a cracking-good builder, you will soon need to scale up your construction business. Getting this right takes effort and a change in approach to business, as well as factors like growing your network, getting new equipment, and establishing a guide to standards, processes and tolerances.

Here is a list of helpful tips for growing your construction business:

The Weakest Link

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and so is your team’s strength. So take your time to build a solid team, don’t rush the appointments nor skip checking on references. That team will make or break your success.

Strengthen Your Network

Networking events do add value. For example, attend social outings, golf days, industry meetings, entrepreneur groups, or events in related industries, e.g. architect, landscaper, interior designer or developer events. The more extensive your network, the more often your name can be shared.

Be Easy To Contact

Have multiple contact options on your website and consider a virtual assistant if you can’t afford a full-time person. The options include: contact forms, live chat functions, a boldly displayed phone number, and email addresses on every page of your website. If you can’t answer calls within 24 hours, you have lost the client – so get help.


Just like your potential staff need references, so do you. Published proof of satisfied customers is priceless. Get clients to complete Google Reviews and publish some review excerpts on your web pages. A project gallery is also an influential display of what you are capable of.

Social Media Marketing

Yes, a social media presence is necessary with the social media profiles linking back to your website. However, posting once a week is the minimum recommended frequency.

Processes And Automation

With your company growing, so will your admin and your risk profile. Get your accounting automated as well as your job tracking. There is industry-specific software available that will make productivity management far more effortless.

You will be stepping further away from the coalface, so get your standards and tolerances documented, from building practices to general staff behaviour. Clear documentation that is easily accessible ensures safe and acceptable standards of workmanship, fewer losses and happier clients.

We recommend the book Guide To Standards And Tolerances, which covers some of the regulated standards as well as reasonable positions on standards. There is also a whole library of templates and guidelines available off the shelf, so you don’t have to spend weeks writing up your own.

Once in place, all team members or independent sub-contractors will know your exact requirements, freeing you up to action more strategic business decisions.

The standards literature addresses appropriate workmanship and building standards, whilst the literature on tolerances will assess deviations. In addition, tolerance documentation will reduce commercial disputes, which can cost money and relationships. Now, seal the deal with your display of knowledge and glowing client references from well-managed projects!

Get your business streamlined with guides to standards and tolerances, and watch your profits grow! Order today or call us with any questions you may have. Ph: 1300 278 689 or email: today!