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GUARD - Track your employee and contractor movements.

Modernise the way you manage Site Induction, Site Visitors, Contractors & Staff on site.

Guard (add-on)

Allow your guards and security team to keep track of employee and contractor movements.

Enable your security team to track who is on site

Guard is the perfect companion for your security teams. Verify an individual’s permission to be on-site and track employee and contractor movements, all from your guard’s device.

contactless sign in

Empower your team

Give your guards and security teams the information they need to quickly and easily identify who should and shouldn’t be on-site. Using Guard, your security team can:

  • Verify the identity of those on-site
  • Know which zone employees and contractors are working in
  • Check contractors have the correct insurances and qualifications to be on-site when signing them in
  • Work on or offline, depending on where your security team is located
  • Easily scan employees and contractors in and out of your location
  • Have oversight of who is moving between zones and locations


Access rights

Set specific access rights for your employees or contractors. Give security teams the information they need to verify who has permission to be on-site.

Zone Settings

Set zones and receive alerts when someone has been working in a hazardous area for too long. Use zones for smoother evacuations in an emergency.

Multiple ways to sign in

Security teams can manually sign employees and contractors in using their device. Or scan ID and access cards using the RFID scanner for quick sign in/out.


Verify the correct person is entering your organization based on the information you have stored in your account. Check an individual against the photo stored in their profile for peace of mind.


Should an incident occur, report on who was on-site and when, how they signed in / out and which access point they entered and exited through with our powerful reporting tools.


Guard is a mobile application – perfect for security teams on the move. Offline mode will store any updated information and sync when connection is restored.