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First Aid NSW

Employers and businesses (and other PCBUs) must make first-aid arrangements for their workplace so workers can get immediate help if they are injured at work.

They must ensure they:

  • provide first aid equipment and access to first aid facilities
  • make sure all workers have access to the first aid equipment
  • appoint an adequate number of workers who are trained to give first aid, or make sure that workers have access to a suitable number of first aiders

First aid requirements will vary from one workplace to the next. To assess what a particular workplace’s requirements are, they must consider the:

  • type of work being carried out at the workplace
  • type of hazards at the workplace
  • size and location of the workplace
  • number and makeup of workers and others at the workplace

The first aid in the workplace code of practice provides practical guidance for the provision of appropriate first aid in the workplace including first aid training, first aid kits, procedures and facilities.