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Toolbox Talks

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Tool Box Talks

Toolbox Talk Templates, Procedures, Records & Register

Want to avoid downtime and save costs? Your toolbox talks are a short, precise weapon in your profit armoury. The small time investment delivers a safer team and project, fewer man-hour and financial losses, and faster projects.

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What Is The Toolbox Talk Meeting Procedure?

A toolbox talk is a short safety talk, normally delivered on-site (not in a training room) and on a specific subject matter. It should be short, 5 – 10 minutes, and to the point with a specific safety message.

The objective is to raise awareness of a particular aspect of the work but to do it on a regular basis so that the good safety message is reinforced. Attendance should be recorded.

Toolbox talks aren’t a monologue – invite your team to share observations and encourage continued reporting of concerns. Use the toolbox talk template to structure the meeting. Encourage insights on: 

  • Hazards and risks 
  • Better hazard control decisions
  • Facility upgrades
  • Training 

How To Avoid Toolbox Talks Becoming Too Long 

The toolbox talk should be short but if not held frequently then they will become drawn out.  

The choice of topics varies according to project stages and can cover: 

  • Protecting eyes, ears and respiratory systems 
  • Working safely at heights. 
  • Do your trendy team members grow long beards? Demonstrate good a facial fit of protective equipment looks like.
  • Avoid generic talks, as these will disengage your team long-term.  

Here are some tips to improve the talks: 

  • Plan advance, avoid ad hoc meetings; 
  • Avoid schedule disruption. Give sufficient notice for each toolbox talk & mention compulsory attendance.
  • Prepare supporting information to help convey the message effectively.
  • Use toolbox talk templates to record the topics covered and signed attendance.
  • Proactively involve the team and push feedback. 

Toolbox talks and pre-start meetings have become a very effective way of maintaining safety awareness and bringing attention to any current or emerging hazards and risks. They are meant to be a brief, interactive discussion about a specific topic but can also touch on a number of issues relevant to the workplace.

Use toolbox talk templates to keep your team safe and your projects in good order! We offer the Toolbox Talk Procedure template, the Toolbox Talk Record (WHS), the Toolbox Talk Register and the Toolbox Talk Record (General). Can’t find what you need? Call us with any questions you may have.

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