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Confidentiality Agreement

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This Confidentiality Agreement is used primarily to disclose information that needs to be kept secret to another individual, business entity or group.

Confidentiality Agreement Features:
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• Simply add your business and agreement details

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Confidentiality Agreements are designed to protect confidential information, trade secrets and expertise (know-how) from being misused by those to whom such information will be or has been disclosed.

A Confidentiality Agreement should be used in any situation where you are disclosing information that must remain confidential. For example, when approaching a potential partner with your new business idea you should use a confidentiality agreement to avoid jeopardising your concept.

This Confidentiality Agreement Template includes the following provisions:
1. Background to the Agreement
2. Access to Certain Confidential Information
3. Obligation of Confidentiality
4. Duties of the Recipient Party
5. Non-Disclosure and use
6. Exceptions
7. Remedy
8. Indemnity
9. Cumulative Rights
10. Enforceability
11. Waiver
12. Variation
13. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
14. Definitions, including broad coverage for “Confidential Information”

Common Confidentiality Agreements are also referred to as: Non Disclosure Agreement, Confidentiality policy, Confidentiality contract, Confidentiality document, Confidentiality clause, Confidentiality letters, Non Disclosure Agreement, form for Confidentiality, confidentiality documents, Confidentiality forms, Confidentiality contract.