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Property Development

Subject material relating to Residential Development, Commercial Development, Retail Development, Industrial Development, Civil Development, a small house development or a large consortium specializing in multi-million dollar developments can be previewed in our 'Property Development Explained'' guide below.

The information and documentation available throughout these categories provide assistance with site selection, undertaking due diligence, planning, feasibility studies, finance, council and authorities, plans and permits, consultants and design, services, development applications, construction certificates, pre-demolition, pre-construction, construction, certifications, approvals, marketing and the like from a vacant greenfield site (raw site) through to turn key completion (final completion, move in).

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    This Confidentiality Agreement is used primarily to disclose information that needs to be kept secret to another individual, business entity or group.

    Confidentiality Agreement Features:

    • Instant Download
    • User friendly, easy to use template
    • MS Word formatted template for easy editing
    • Simply add your business and agreement details

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  • Construction Management Plan

    This Construction Management Plan (CMP) template provides a platform to assist in addressing councils (local government) conditions of consent.

    The document is provided in MS Word so that it can be easily edited.

    (Alternatively we can prepare a Site Specific Construction Management Plan for your development, to request a quote click here)

    Construction Management Plan Features:

    • Package designed for starting a new business
    • Instant Download
    • User friendly, easy to use templates
    • MS Word formatted templates for easy editing
    • Simply modify to suit the project conditions.

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    The purpose of a Traffic Management Plan is to ensure that the impacts of construction works in public areas, in particular with respect to temporary interruptions to vehicular and pedestrian traffic are considered.

    Traffic Management Plan Features:
    • Instant Download
    • User friendly, easy to use template
    • MS Word formatted template for easy editing
    • Simply add your business and site specific details


The Benefits of Residential Property Development

With rates low, prices falling and the lure of various first home owners grant, getting into the property market now may offer some of the best chances of making money.

The argument has always been that to create wealth in the property market you need to buy well. Once you do that you should always be ahead of the game.

But There is a Better Way …..

Just like any other investment, residential property development too involves a degree of risk. But when you are developing a residential property you can fully calculate and analyse the amount of risk involved based on certain criteria. These include the features of the property and the prevailing economic climate.

People will always need accommodation , and as a result you can be assured that there will always be demand for residential property. However, getting involved in residential property development involves various risk factors and the benefits can also be slightly curtailed as a result of these. However, here’s a look at the benefits of residential property development.

In light of the perceived and often flouted poor global economic conditions and the constant peaks and troughs of the stock market, property development is considered by many to be one of the most stable investments.

The number of people investing in property has increased considerably since the Australian government has allowed the inclusion of property in Super funds; this coupled with various state governments offering incentives for new homeowners, this trend is here to stay.