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Demolition SWMS

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The Demolition Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is a complete and comprehensive document outlining on-site procedures.

Demolition SWMS Features:
• Instant Download
• User friendly, easy to use template
• Instructions Provided
• MS Word formatted template for easy editing
• Simply add your business and site specific details

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Demolition SWMS

Each Demolition Safe Work Method Statement includes all of the following:

  • Plan the job prior to arriving on site.
  • Site Establishment
  • Pre Start Risk Assessment
  • COVID-19 Safety
  • Untrained personnel commencing work
  • Traffic management
  • Entry to Site
  • General Requirements
  • Site Inspection
  • Identify site conditions
  • Power Supply
  • Delivery of Materials
  • Unload materials or equipment from vehicle
  • Pre-Demolition
  • Disconnect Services
  • Notice of Demolition Work
  • Securing and protecting the work area
  • Public access and protection
  • Emergency Plan
  • Designer Safety Report
  • Demolition Plan
  • Assessing Demolition Risks
  • Demolition Sequence
  • Adjacent or adjoining buildings
  • Workplace Inspection
  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Polychlorinated biphenyls
  • Synthetic mineral fibres
  • Demolishing Special Structures
  • Fire-damaged, ruinous and structurally unsound buildings or structures
  • Demolition work carried out on or near energised electrical installations
  • Cutting or Welding
  • Manual Demolition
  • Manual Demolition of Roofs
  • Fragile Roofs
  • Roof Access
  • Manual demolition of walls
  • Manual Demolition of Floors and Members
  • Manual Demolition of Frameworks
  • Mechanical demolition involving the use of powered mobile plant, such as excavators,
  • cranes, loaders, bulldozers and a mix of hand and mechanical demolition methods.
  • Mechanical Demolition working on Suspended Floors
  • Mechanical Demolition of Walls
  • Induced Collapse
  • Induced Collapse pre-weakening
  • Wire rope, slings and chain pulling
  • Using Explosives
  • Pre and Post-tensioned concrete
  • Demolition of Lift Shafts
  • Basements, cellars, vaults, domes and arched roofs
  • Masonry Brick Arches
  • Independent chimneys and spires
  • Pylons and masts
  • Precast Concrete Panels
  • Facade Retention
  • Storage tanks and pipelines
  • Hazardous Facilities
  • Containers that have held flammable or combustible material
  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Plant and Equipment
  • Powered Mobile Plant
  • Cranes
  • Removal of Debris
  • Loading Trucks
  • Clean up and remove excess material from the work area.
  • Load materials and equipment onto vehicle
  • High Risk Activities
  • PPE required
  • Plant and Equipment
  • Qualifications, Training & Competencies
  • Permits required
  • Legislation, Codes Of Practice and References
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • Risk Matrix Table
  • Hierarchy of Controls
  • Instructions provided
  • Job steps
  • Hazard identification
  • Control Measures
  • Breaks the work activity into logical job steps
  • Lists the typical hazards associated with each of these steps
  • Describes the control measures implemented to eliminate or control the risk for the workers safety
  • Describes how the control measures are to be implemented, monitored and reviewed

Each Demolition SWMS references the following:

Demolition SWMS

MS Word Format

MS Word Format

Easy to update and customise using MS Word.

Instant Download

Instant Download

Your instant download is provided immediately upon purchase and is also delivered via Email.

The Demolition Safe Work Method Statement breaks the users work activity into logical job steps, lists the typical hazards associated with each of these steps, and describes the control measures implemented to eliminate or control the risk for the users safety.

The Builder Assist Demolition SWMS is the most up to date building industry SWMS template and complies with the Work Health and Safety Regulations and Practices.

The Builder Assist Safe Work Method Statements are industry leading templates written and developed by building industry experts.

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