Drug and Alcohol Policy Documents


Each person must ensure that they are not, by the consumption of drugs or alcohol, in such a condition as to endanger their own safety or that of others at this workplace.

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  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Observation Form
  • Alcohol and Other Drugs Fitness for Work Information Pack

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Product Description

Drug and Alcohol Documents include:

Drug and Alcohol Policy:

  • Introduction
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy
  • Scope
  • Objective
  • Definitions
  • Grugs and Alcohol and their Influence At Work
  • Circumstances Of Testing For Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Testing
  • Voluntary Testing
  • Testing Reasonable Cause
  • Incident Testing
  • Random Testing
  • Refusal to Participate
  • Testing Procedures
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Confidentiality
  • Employee Assistance
  • Counselling

Drug and Alcohol Testing Observation Form:

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Observation Form
  • Participant’s Name
  • Date/Time of Incident
  • Nature of Incident or Cause for Suspicion
  • Unusual Behaviour
  • Physical Signs or Symptoms out of the Ordinary
  • Written Summary

Alcohol and Other Drugs Fitness for Work Information Pack:

  • Effects of Alcohol
  • Immediate effects
  • Long-term effects
  • Women and alcohol
  • Tolerance and Dependence
  • Mixing Alcohol with Other Drugs
  • Alcohol and Pregnancy
  • Standard Drinks
  • Sensible Drinking Guidelines
  • Binge Drinking
  • Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)
  • Alcohol and Driving
  • Sobering Up
  • Alcohol and the Law
  • What is marijuana?
  • What is THC?
  • How does thc affect you?
  • What are the effects of marijuana?
  • Immediate effects small amounts
  • Large amounts
  • Long-term effects
  • Mixing marijuana with other drugs
  • Marijuana and driving
  • Dependence
  • Stopping marijuana
  • What is cocaine?
  • What are the types of cocaine?
  • What are the effects of cocaine?
  • Immediate effects
  • Long-term effects
  • Overdose
  • Mixing cocaine with other drugs
  • Cocaine and pregnancy
  • Cocaine and the law
  • Cocaine and driving
  • Tolerance and dependence
  • Withdrawal
  • What is ecstasy?
  • What are the effects of ecstasy?
  • Is ecstasy addictive?
  • How was ecstasy developed?
  • Is ecstasy illegal?
  • What is heroin?
  • What are the effects of heroin?
  • Immediate effects
  • Longer term effects
  • The way a person uses heroin can also cause some problems:
  • Overdose
  • Preventing overdose
  • Heroin and pregnancy
  • New babies of heroin-dependent mothers
  • Mixing heroin with other drugs
  • Tolerence and dependence
  • Withdrawal
  • Heroin and the law
  • Heroin and driving
  • What are amphetamines (‘speed’)?
  • What are the forms of speed?
  • What are the effects of speed?
  • Immediate effects
  • Small amounts
  • Long-term effects
  • Overdose
  • Mixing speed with other drugs
  • Speed and pregnancy
  • Tolerance and dependence
  • Withdrawal
  • Speed and the law
  • Speed and driving

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Drug and Alcohol Policy Documents