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Inspection Test Plans (ITPs) Templates

These Inspection Test Plans (ITPs)  are specifically prepared for each building trade to provide support with quality assurance in the workplace.

These Inspection Test Plan Features include:

  • Instant Download
  • User Friendly, very easy to use templates
  • Full instructions provided
  • MS Word formatted template for easy editing
  • Simply add your business and site specific details
  • Grid View
  • List view


An ITP, or Inspection Test Plan, is a vital planning tool that delivers an effective, simple-to-use solution to the when what and how of inspections for your particular trade. In addition to driving structure and procedural alignment, the ITP Construction template pack sets up the important preplanning for work thereby ensuring the outcomes meet the necessary industry or regulatory standards. 

Through this structured, uniform approach, multiple team members can use ITPs to detail the critical points at various stages of a process when a scheduled inspection and verification must occur. This template approach is key for the successful progress of a job. The absence of an Inspection Test Plan to make sure the job is progressing as it should be.

This quality assurance can be achieved for each trade within the construction industry with ISO 9001 quality management standards. The template packs can be easily downloaded, are user friendly, are easily edited, have comprehensive instructions, and are easily customised to your brand when you add your business and site details.

These industry-leading templates have been compiled and developed by building industry experts. Each pack includes:

  • Your Trade Specific ITP / Inspection Test Plan Templates
  • Inspection Test Point Work Activity template
  • Timing Frequency Templates
  • Method guidelines
  • Inspection Verification templates
  • Acceptance Criteria guidelines
  • References templates
  • Record Type
  • Sign Off as Completed
  • Non-Conformances
  • Corrective Action templates, and more.
  • Comments
  • Verification
  • Legend
  • Closed Out

These top-quality, industry-leading template packs contain the latest industry data and will immediately add value to your work processes and deadline adherence. Set your business apart from the competition, save costs and close off projects sooner. Download the trade specific packs below: 


The Builder Assist Inspection Test Plan templates are the most up to date building industry ITP templates and are used to adhere to the ISO 9001 standard for quality management.

  • ISO 9001 Standard for Quality Management.
  • Adhering to Quality Management Standards
  • Key Ingredient to a Quality Management System


An ITP / Inspection Test Plan is a plan of when, what and how you will conduct inspections to ensure your products or services are meeting requirements.

Used to adhere to the ISO 9001 standard for quality management ITPs set out critical points at various stages within a process for scheduled inspections and verifications. This is to ensure the job is progressing as it should be, and that the quality assurance procedure is sound.

Each ITP / Inspection Test Plan is a key ingredient of your quality management system and is a record that your business has performed to particular standards throughout the process. This could prove vital should there be any legal issues therefor ITP records must be clear and be stored in a safe place.

Because work is regularly checked and adhering to quality management standards, the end product will be significantly better than if no ITP was used. In addition to satisfying your quality management process, it’s a safeguard against making big mistakes which will could cost you time, money and your reputation.