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Safety Work

Understanding 'what is WHS' is crucial to keep tradespeople and construction workers safe on site.

What is WHS?

Understanding Work Health and Safety (WHS) in Australia: A Comprehensive Guide for Tradespeople and Construction Workers. What is WHS?  WHS, or Work Health and Safety, is a critical…

OH and S gear pictured - work boots, hard hat, safety goggle and gloves

The Ultimate Guide to OH and S for Builders and Tradespeople

In building and construction, Occupational Health and Safety (OH and S or OH&S) is not just a requirement; it’s a crucial aspect of ensuring a safe and productive…

Two PBCU stand next to a car, they are responsible for WHS

PCBU in WHS: Responsibilities for Safer Workplaces

To get a better understanding of what a PCBU is in WHS, we will first look at what it stands for.  Then, we’ll go through how it relates…

The principal contractor discusses a project with the architect on site.

Principal Contractor: Obligations and Responsibilities

In construction, a principal contractor assumes a pivotal position to ensure the smooth execution of projects.  They actively oversee and coordinate various aspects of construction, with a primary…

How to write a construction WHS policy

How to write a construction WHS policy

A construction WHS Policy aims to ensure the safety of all workers on a construction site. A construction WHS Policy is a written commitment from a construction company. …