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Let’s unpack the concept of guides to standards and tolerances in building practices. Dive right in as we define the concept, depict when to implement it and introduce you to our free downloadable template!

Defining The Guide To Standards And Tolerances 

Standards and tolerances are used in domestic building construction to define safe and acceptable standards of workmanship. This guide outlays the minimum requirements for technical standards and quality of work.

All parties involved in building should agree on fitting standards that are in accordance with local building regulation. These documents help independent parties and builders assess building work. They are important in assessing whether or not the building is defective in any shape or form.

When To Make Use Of A Guide To Standards And Tolerances 

Standards depict appropriate workmanship and building standards.

Tolerances are useful in determining acceptable deviations. They are also useful in resolving unacceptable deviations or building disputes.

Guides are useful when a building team is engaged in projects as these resources provide quality information regarding the following building areas: site works, footing and layout; masonry, framing and wall cladding; roofing, plumbing and internal fixing; windows and doors; plastering and rendering; tiling, flooring and decking; as well as electrical, restumping and general.

Be Aware 

These Guides do not take precedence over contractual requirements. Therefore, guide users are cautioned to be aware that these documents are merely available to guide a team on building standards that generally aren’t covered by the local legislature.

Guides differ from area to area and are often updated according to current laws, standards and practices. Be sure to do your research and check out the latest documents before embarking on your next building journey!

When To Implement Your Guide 

Tradespeople, developers, builders and owner builders can implement these guides before building begins to ensure that they well equipped in dealing with issues that may not be covered in the relevant legislature.

Guides should be used during the building process to ensure effective motorisation and implementation of work. Furthermore, guides can be useful in helping to assess the quality of a build at the end of a project.

Where To Find Your Very Own Guide 

Visit our Builder Assist website to access your state-specific guide to tolerances and standards. Get in touch to see where we can help!