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Urban Design

What is Urban Design?

Urban design in the built environment is about our ability to change and reshape the world around us. We shape the urban realm to suit our cultural, material, economic and spiritual needs. While material and spatial arrangements are a key part of urban design, they are simply outcomes of a deeper, more thoughtful process.

An Urban Designer brings clarity to the urban design process, working with individuals, businesses, local government and state governments to provide direction on how to achieve good urban design outcomes in the built environment.

Urban Design…..who cares?

We should all care because good urban design affects each and every one of us.


  • It gives us cities and towns that are healthier, vibrant and safe
  • It increases urban productivity resulting in strong economies, thriving centres and – most importantly – security
  • It recognises that cities are about people and not just buildings – without community these buildings have no purpose
  • It builds on the unique qualities and characteristics of a place so we don’t find ourselves living in ‘clone towns’
  • It is about balance. It’s about balance between economics and the natural environment
  • It is about knowing when the time has come to reinvent ourselves so that our cities remain resilient

Urban design is the result of research, understanding, planning, design and execution. These five elements come together in a collaboration to affect and benefit the built environment.

Urban designers require an understanding of the requirements of many fields of study. Although not expert in them all, they know when to engage the right specialists in their field.