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In this article, we will be unpacking our industry secrets to give you the lo-down on electrical SWMS and when they’re required. Follow along to learn more!

What Is A SWMS?

A Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) should be prepared before any high-risk construction work is undertaken. The Electrical SWMS is generally set up by the principal contractor, electrician or builder. This document provides an outline of safety and control measures.

The measures are put in place before high-risk construction commences in the hopes of designing a safe working environment for all employees. The final statement provided to the body of contractors needs to be strictly adhered to whilst on-site for the duration of the high-risk endeavour.

What To Include In A SWMS

Health and Safety Hazards related to the work, construction work details that deem the work as being “high risk”, as well as control measures and the implementation, monitorisation and reviewing thereof.

Furthermore, a risk assessment matrix, hierarchy of controls, PPE requirements, emergency response details and job steps according to the current OHS legislation & codes of practice reference list should be included in the statement.

Don’t forget basic information such as the name of the head contractor, the dates the work is to be carried out, the address where the work will take place, the review date if one has been previously selected, as well as the details for the person who will be responsible for project motorisation and compliance. 

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your SWMS

Ensure that everyone has undergone a proper induction and training session and that they are thoroughly aware of the SWMS and how to use it.

Save your SWMS electronically for ease of access and work-site sharing.

Customise the final SWMS so that it is branded and professional. This helps you, larger organisations and smaller contracting companies keep an accurate record of who has worked with who. Although companies are encouraged to personalise their templates, they are reminded not to edit the content of the SWMS too much as this could lead to incompliance.

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