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What does ITP mean in construction?

When we talk about ITP meaning in construction, it refers to Inspection Test Plans.

In short, when we refer to ITP meaning in construction, we're talking about a document used for Quality Assurance.  One of the greatest priorities for tradesmen is to provide the highest quality service to customers. To ensure construction projects move forward as they should, there are a number of procedures and documents that are in place.  One of these is an Inspection Test Plan, or ITP.

An ITP is a plan of when certain inspections are conducted throughout your construction project, to ensure the required quality control standards set out in a Quality Management Plan are met.  For more about ITP meaning in construction, read on. 

What is ITP meaning in construction?

An Inspection Test Plan is completed to ensure a construction project meets quality control standards set out in a Quality Management Plan


A construction Quality Management Plan (QMP) is a worksite document that aims to cover every quality requirement for a specific job or project.

Collating the appropriate information for your Inspection and Test Plan can seem like a challenging task, and as a result, tradesmen are unsure of where to begin.  Therefore, Builder Assist have developed ITP templates that are specifically tailored to all trades in the building industry. From air conditioning to carpentry, plumbing to welding and everything in between.  There’s a dedicated ITP template available for you to download instantly, right here with Builder Assist.

ITP meaning in construction is an Inspection Test Plan, so what does it include?

Builder Assist cover all bases when it comes to developing your Inspection Test Plan. Furthermore, our ITP templates are developed by building-industry experts. 

Each instantly downloadable template walks you through the steps to complete your ITP.  It provides prompts for which inspections and tests need to be conducted, the timeline of the tests, and the type of work being conducted.

Here’s a breakdown of what Builder Assist’s Inspection Test Plan templates include:

  • Your Trade Specific ITP/Inspection Test Plan Template
  • Inspection Test Points
  • Work Activities
  • Timing Frequency Templates
  • Method guidelines
  • Inspection Verification templates
  • Acceptance Criteria guidelines
  • References templates
  • Record Type
  • Sign Off as Completed
  • Non-Conformances
  • Corrective Action templates, and more
  • Comments
  • Verification
  • Legend
  • Closed Out

To sum up, Builder Assist ITP templates have all the vital contents you need.  You can view and download our range of trade-specific  Inspection Test Plan templates, right here on our website. 

Not sure what other documentation, procedures and policies you might need in your trade? We’ve got you covered!  Head to our Tradespeople page, where we provide all documentation required for every trade in the building industry. Simply find your trade and start downloading.

More info about Inspection Test Plans

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What is an inspection test plan (ITP) in construction

Construction ITP - Inspection Test Plans (ITP's)

Construction ITP - Inspection Test Plans (ITP's)

These Construction Inspection Test Plans (ITPs)  are specifically prepared for each building trade to provide support with quality assurance in the workplace.

A construction ITP assists to create a product that meets customer needs, expectations and requirements.  And that's why you need one.

An ITP, or Inspection Test Plan, is a vital planning tool that delivers an effective solution to the when what and how of inspections for a project.  It provides structure and procedural alignment.  In addition, an ITP sets up the important preplanning to ensure your outcomes meet the necessary industry or regulatory standards.  Here's a great resource for builders - the ITP Construction template pack.

  • Instant download!
  • User-friendly templates!
  • MS Word formatted for easy editing!
  • Instructions included!