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What is ITP in construction?

We’re often asked, ‘what is ITP in construction?’  An ITP, or Inspection Test Plan, is a vital quality assurance requirement for construction projects.

When referring to what is ITP in construction, ITPs plan when certain inspections are conducted throughout a construction project.  It ensures the required quality control standards set out in a Quality Management Plan are met.

The purpose of an Inspection Test Plan is to put together a single document that records all inspection and testing requirements relevant to a specific process.  For more details that answer your question, 'what is ITP in construction?', read on.

What is an ITP in construction

One of the primary reasons to use an ITP in construction is to hold key personnel accountable for each required inspection or test.


Why use ITPs in construction?

Implementing an ITP offers valuable benefits to your project. By doing so, you can logically outline which tests and inspections need to be completed throughout each phase of the project. Your ITP also documents when tests and inspections were conducted and those that are pending.

One of the primary reasons you should implement an ITP is to hold key personnel accountable for each inspection and/or tests. 

Inspections cannot be revisited at a later stage of the project if they have not been completed. ITPs aim to prevent inspections being missed in the first place.  As well as minimise any potential problems by ensuring your quality management plan remains in place.

Some of the other key benefits of incorporating ITPs into your business include:

  • ITPs can help you win a contract with potential clients 
  • ITPs build trust and loyalty with your customer base
  • ITPs can simplify employed quality management practices for your projects
  • Regular Inspections and tests will increase the overall quality of your projects 

What to include in your ITP

There are several components that make up a thorough ITP. These include:

  • An outline of the tests and inspections that are needed
  • The frequency of each of these inspections and tests
  • Dates of when each test and inspection is required to be conducted
  • The person/s responsible for ensuring the work is inspected
  • An indication of where approval needs to be sought prior to starting the next phase of your project

When developed correctly, multiple team members can use ITPs to detail the critical points at various stages of a process when a scheduled inspection and verification must occur.

How to create an ITP

If you’ve never created an ITP before, it can seem like a daunting, somewhat impossible task. It is important to remember that, to begin with, you don’t need to define every aspect of your ITP. 

When you’re getting started, there are two key components to identify from the beginning. Firstly, you will need to review exactly which tests and inspections need to be conducted based on your contract. 

Secondly, pull together the construction schedules, specifications and quality assurance requirements for your project. This is so you can identify which phases of your projects will require tests and inspections.

From here, map out which project milestones will require critical inspections before they can be completed. 

The good news? You don’t have to create your ITP alone!

Builder Assist have created instant downloadable Inspection Test Plans specifically for each building trade, to support you with quality assurance!

Each ITP template is:

  • Already populated
  • Instantly Downloadable
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  • Equipped with full instructions 
  • Formatted as a Microsoft Word document for easy editing

ITP Template

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What is an inspection test plan (ITP) in construction

Construction ITP - Inspection Test Plans (ITP's)

Construction ITP - Inspection Test Plans (ITP's)

These Construction Inspection Test Plans (ITPs)  are specifically prepared for each building trade to provide support with quality assurance in the workplace.

A construction ITP assists to create a product that meets customer needs, expectations and requirements.  And that's why you need one.

An ITP, or Inspection Test Plan, is a vital planning tool that delivers an effective solution to the when what and how of inspections for a project.  It provides structure and procedural alignment.  In addition, an ITP sets up the important preplanning to ensure your outcomes meet the necessary industry or regulatory standards.  Here's a great resource for builders - the ITP Construction template pack.

  • Instantly Downloadable
  • User friendly
  • Equipped with full instructions
  • Microsoft Word Formatted document for easy editing