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There are often misconceptions about safe work method statements (SWMS), and often these documents are misunderstood. As an essential part of any organisation or business, they are important to draft and use correctly. It is unfortunate that in many plumbing businesses, SWMSs aren’t used, and in other businesses, they aren’t even acknowledged.

Safe work method statements are paramount for High-Risk Construction work, and this heavily includes the plumbing industry. As you’re aware, plumbing is a sensitive profession, and without measures in place, it can be dangerous both for the plumbers and people around them. In cases relating to tasks such as fitting off the plumbing, SWMS is a necessity.

Who Needs A SWMS?

Construction sites and plumbing sectors are the number one areas where safe work method statements need to be used. This is, as you may now be aware of, to minimise and manage risks involved in these professions.

SMWS For Plumbing

Plumbing SMWS are designed to cover cases where hazards are common and as a means of controlling associated plumbing issues such as drainage or gas fitting.

These safe work method statements also cover a number of high-risk construction work controls that involve mobile plant movement, pressurised gas distribution mains and piping chemicals that plumbing companies may often need to deal with. Other areas include fuel or refrigerant lines, electrical installations and general plumbing services.

When working in and with plumbing fittings, SWMS needs to cover the following job steps, potential hazards and control measures:

  • Training needs to be provided on the health issues and effects of working with gas
  • Adequate planning for working in potentially dangerous environments
  • Identify and address confined workspaces
  • Practices that need to be adhered to when arriving on-site and access condition on arrival
  • How work areas need to be set up
  • The environment in which work will be done
  • Manual tasks involved
  • Working and operating powered and non-powered tools
  • Handling hazardous substances you come across and using chemicals
  • Fitting appliances and plumbing fixtures

It is essential to use or have a safe work method statement created to help you cover your bases. Companies such as Build Assist can provide you with SWMS templates to fill in your company details and other information relevant to your business. These documents will also have additional hazard measures covered and can be amended to meet your needs.

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