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These two terms are sometimes interchanged but shouldn’t be. Whilst there is an overlap, one forms part of the other, and they are not interchangeable. Here is a quick, helpful overview:

Quality Management Plan (QMP) 

A quality management plan covers the system of determining and selecting every single quality requirement for a specific project. This high-level plan encompasses the construction inspection and test plan (ITP Construction), but it covers much more than inspecting.

Work procedures are also included with the aim to bring about an improved quality generally from the start to the very end of the whole construction project and its processes. It is, therefore, covering processes much earlier in the life of the project as opposed to reactive steps following the delivery of materials and equipment to the site or following the completion of a particular project phase.

A good Quality Management Plan (QMP) will guide your team through executing quality management and quality assurance activities for your projects. It will describe how quality will be managed throughout the life cycle of the project.

By addressing and implementing the control of the critical elements within a building project, you will get far superior results, fewer redos, fewer problems, and more time and money saved on your projects.

For your ease of reference, here is an example of a Construction Quality Plan.

Inspection Test Plan (ITP) 

An Inspection & Test Plan covers the systems of, inspection of construction works, and building materials. Before any usage and application occur on-site, the contractor must complete this plan and then be submitted to the various role-players, e.g. a Project Engineer, for approval.

Defects are detected through the proper use of the inspection and test plan as well as non-conformance before material or equipment is integrated into your construction product. This avoids expensive redos and revisions. With that comes a waste of time and money, and stress is placed on the project deadlines. The inspection and test plan is a fundamental part of quality building processes.

An Inspection Test Plan (ITP) Pack explicitly designed for each building trade to support and guide team leaders and supervisors with achieving quality assurance on each of your construction projects. It helps plan when and how your inspections will be conducted to ensure your work meets the required standards. It will highlight critical points at various stages for scheduled inspections and verifications, thereby helping the team ensure that work is progressing as it should be.

The Builder Assist Inspection Test Plan templates are industry-leading templates written and developed by building industry experts.

For your ease of reference, here are examples of Construction Inspection and Test Templates available.

They cover Air Conditioning ITP, Blocklaying ITP, Bricklaying ITP, Builders Pack ITP

(a full pack for all trades), Carpenter Fix Out ITP, Carpenter Frame ITP, Carpenter Joinery ITP, Carpet ITP, all the way up to Waterproofing ITP and Window & Door ITP. 

If you want your teams to satisfy your quality expectations and safeguard your projects against making big mistakes as well as save your time, money, and reputation, use construction ITPs. Have you got any queries about ITPs? Call us today.