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What does a construction Quality Management Plan Include?

A construction Quality Management Plan (QMP) is a common worksite document that aims to cover every quality requirement for a specific job or project.

A QMP is not a legal document, nor is it required in every worksite. However, it is advantageous for companies, particularly in the construction industry to obtain and uphold certification with ISO 9001, which allows companies to maintain a high level of quality assurance across their organisation.

A detailed construction Quality Management Plan that is in place on your project, will aim to improve the overall quality of work.  From the beginning to end.

Your Quality Management Plan should be specific to each project.

Your Quality Management Plan should be specific to each project.


Your worksite’s QMP should outline how relevant policies, procedures and guidelines are implemented to achieve the quality objectives of the project. It also outlines the resources and activities required to complete the job to the highest quality standard. 

In order to develop a comprehensive construction Quality Management Plan for your business and across your projects, it is helpful to first start by identifying what the deliverables are for the project. In addition, you should also consider what process needs to be followed to complete the project. From here, you will be able to start pulling your QMP together.

What should be included in your construction Quality Management Plan?

Your Quality Management Plan should be specific to each project.  However, there are a number of elements that will help set the framework for how you complete your QMP. Your Quality Management Plan should include:

  • Your company’s commitment and approach to quality management and why quality is so important to your business
  • The deliverables of the project or job. This may be a finished product, a type of service or the outcomes requested by the client
  • The process that the project will require to be completed to the highest quality 
  • The roles and responsibilities of key personnel in ensuring that the QMP is followed and objectives are met
  • How your company will manage quality overall, including how the QMP will be maintained, reported on and made available to workers on site

Quality Management Plan Template

Builder Assist has developed construction Quality Management Plan templates that are available for purchase and instant download. These templates are specifically prepared for each building trade to provide support with quality assurance in the workplace.

The Builder Assist Quality Management Plans are the most up to date in the building industry. They adhere to the ISO 9001 standard for quality management and are a key ingredient to a successful Quality Management System for your construction project.

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