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The BASIX® Certificate or BASIX® (The Building Sustainability Index), is a NSW Government planning requirement that affects anyone submitting a Building Application in NSW for a new house, alteration, addition, villa, townhouse, units, plus a swimming pool or outdoor spa.

Operating as a web-based tool, BASIX® is used to assess each new application against specific energy and water reduction targets. BASIX® means every new home, alteration or extension built in NSW will be more comfortable to live in and cost less to run, and each swimming pool or outdoor spa will meet specific BASIX® requirements for water and energy consumption.

The BASIX® tool is used to calculate the house or unit’s energy and water scores based on a range of data, including size, location, design features and fixtures.

Once the necessary commitments have been met, a BASIX® Certificate is generated which lists the schedule of commitments for your application. All the commitments listed on the BASIX® Certificate must be indicated on the architectural plans.

Independent research shows that owners of new homes which comply with BASIX® can slash household water and power bills by up to $600 a year on average.

Overall, the BASIX® Certificate is a NSW Government initiative that ensures new homes are designed and built to use less potable water and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, with the purpose of providing a sustainable future.

For more information on BASIX® go to the NSW Government website.