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Induction Training

General Construction Induction Training
General construction induction training provides basic knowledge of construction work, the work health and safety laws that apply, common hazards likely to be encountered in construction work, and how the associated risks can be controlled.
Any person who is to carry out construction work must successfully complete general construction induction training, for example project managers and engineers, foreman, supervisors, surveyors, labourers and trades persons.
General construction induction training must be delivered in Australia by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and cover the content set out in the specified VET course for general construction induction training.

The training includes:

  • the roles, responsibilities and rights of duty holders
  • health and safety consultation and reporting processes
  • the principles of risk management
  • common construction hazards and control measures
  • safety information and documentation – eg WHS management plans and SWMS.

Once a person has successfully completed general construction induction training they are provided a general construction induction training card.

Workers must keep their card available for inspection by an inspector. They will also need to provide their card to the person conducting a business or undertaking that engages them so they can be sure the worker has successfully completed the training.

Workplace Specific Induction Training (Site Induction)
Workplace specific induction training aims to provide information about work health and safety issues and safe work practices that are specific to the construction workplace. It should be conducted by a person conducting a business or undertaking that has management or control at the workplace or by the principal contractor for the construction project

Workplace specific induction training may cover the following:

  • hazards and control measures relevant to the site
  • location of underground services
  • site specific safety documents, policies and plans (eg traffic management plans, the WHS management plan)
  • supervisory, consultation and reporting arrangements
  • site safety rules
  • workplace facilities, including their location, use and maintenance
  • first aid provisions and emergency procedures, including after-hours emergency contacts
  • health monitoring requirements and procedures
  • access, egress and security
  • how safety issues are resolved.

All workers should attend workplace specific induction training so they can become aware of procedures, management and reporting arrangements, as well as other issues that are relevant to a particular construct.

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